Taking the Gospel on the road.



Sharon & Al spend many miles on the road traveling on two wheels. They have crossed every state except
 for six states in this country. Al has ridden in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic on a motorcycle. They
have owned 19 motorcycles in the last 37 years and logged in over 900,00 miles. They ride all over the
country bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone they meet.  The bible tells us that Jesus sent His
disciples out by two's. That is what Sharon and Al do. They go out on two wheels. In 2001 they traveled
 out west covering  7,000 miles in 25 days crossing 25 different states. The next year they ministered all over
New England for a total of 5,000 miles in 15 days. There is no place too far for these two to go. Call Al today
 and invite this exciting ministry  to your church.  Al will motivate your congregation to become active in
ministry. Remember Satan does not attack and an advancing army.





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