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A couple of ordinary people that were destined to serve God in a mighty way.

Visit this web site to see the interview with Sharon & Al//vimeo.com/11739642

     Sharon & Al have been together since 1973. In 1985 Al was called out of the fast paced biker lifestyle. Al was freed from his addictions over night. They both went through a healing process that brought them to the start of an exciting journey. Since 1986 they have served in many different ministries and have helped coordinate motorcycles to go into prisons all over Florida.  They know the healing power of Jesus Christ first hand and they want to share this information to everyone they meet.

     Al is an ordained minister at Orlando Community Church. In 1991 Al was out of school 20 years with a 9th grade education. He received his GED and started College. While working 50 hours a week as an automotive technition, teaching automotive college classes 2 nights a week and preaching twice a month in the county jail Al attended Valencia Community College 2 nights a week and was pursuing his seminary college at home as an extension school, all at the same time.

Al now has a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and has been ordained since 1997. In Feb. of 2000 Sharon & Al started the Al Paquette Ministriy and have served the Lord with a passion that is incredible.

     They spend all of their time serving the Lord any way they can.

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