2018 Biker Easter Service was a great celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. We counted over 200 people joining us on this day. Sharon opened up by welcoming everyone and making announcements. This was followed by a couple of up beat songs by Bruce Cole. Then we were blessed when Irish gave her heart wrenching testimony. Then I was tied up to a dolly and wheeled out to my podium. I then spoke about the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us that day on Calvary. As always we offered communion and then the people took a flower and decorated the cross by our pond. I believe many folks left with a better understanding of what Christ suffered for us on Skull Mountain. 

     Satan thought the journey of Jesus ended at the cross but for us  that is where our journey starts. When we accept the sacrifice He made for us our lives will change. I told them that if they have a burden to write it on a piece of paper and nail it to the cross.  We were blow away with how many people confessed the bondages in their lives. We offered communion and after I even baptized a good friend of ours. Then we fed the crowd lunch.. What a day to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and savior, Jesus.








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