2017 Biker Easter Sunday was a great time. We counted over 300 people attended which was an awesome show. 

     The service started off with a blessing from Sharon and then  Bruce A. Coale and his band started the service playing some Jesus  blues songs. Our friend Robert blew all of us away with his testimony.   Then I gave the message about having a balanced life. I built a metal device to show how we should balance our life in this fast paced world. The blessing was our good friends David and Debbie came the night before and cooked for all of us at the service. if you have ever fed a couple of hundred bikers before you can imaging the challenge of dialing the food in to perfection. awesome job David. 

     Satan thought the journey of Jesus ended at the cross but for us  that is where our journey starts. When we accept the sacrifice He made for us our lives will change. I told them that if they have a burden to write it on a piece of paper and nail it to the cross.  We were blow away with how many people confessed the bondages in their lives. We offered communion and after I even baptized a good friend of ours. Then we fed the crowd lunch.. What a day to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and savior, Jesus.








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